Staitment Features

Everything you need to analyze a statement and create a sales proposal

Read statements instantly

After uploading a statement from any payments provider, Staitment will instantly analyze it. The output is a very simple breakdown of the important content within a merchant statement.

Analysis features
  • Overall effective rate
  • Pricing structure and fees
  • Stored merchant information
  • Volume per card type and number of transactions
  • Interchange fees
  • Total monthly processing fees
  • Chat and email support
  • Quickly identify opportunity size
  • Analyze statements in front of your clients
  • Verify interchange is at optimal cost
  • Organize large businesses with multiple locations and statements
  • Store completed analysis for long sales cycles
Increase conversions with beautiful sales proposals

After analyzing your statement, Staitment empowers you to create a personalized cost-comparison sales proposal that you can download or share online. These are smart proposals that increase conversions. No more screenshots of Excel.

proposal features
  • Displays an easy to understand pricing comparison
  • Classifies each line of the statement as a cost or negotiable fee
  • Generates downloadable PDFs to share digitally
  • Tracks who viewed it, how many times, and for how long
How you can sell more, faster?
  • Send your clients modern cost-comparison that reflect your offering
  • Management, teams, and individuals can all track individual deals
  • Merchants can approve proposal with a click
Monitor your pipeline

Whether your CRM is perfect or a black hole, you'll be able to manage your complete pipeline in Staitment, with multiple views for sales and management. Get notifications when any merchant approved your cost-comparison sales proposal.

pipeline features
  • Manage every merchant in Staitment
  • Store multiple statements per merchant
  • Monitor your entire team's pipeline in Sales Management
  • Transfer ownership of merchants between sales team
  • Organize top priorities
  • Know when your merchant is ready to move forward
  • Store merchant information in one location
  • See how much margin is sitting in the pipeline