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Discover merchant services lead generation, statement analysis & sales proposal software. Tools to grow your pipeline, gain control of the process, and insights into your sales process.

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These are some of the statement formats our software can read, and there are thousands more...


It’s time to upgrade how deals get done

Identify Opportunity Size

We have built in profitability calculators and pricing tools! Drop in any statement and instantly have deeper insights about their current setup and exactly what it's worth to you.

Verify Interchange Rates

We verify every single line of interchange to give you selling power. Know if interchange is padded and by how much. Can we detect Level II, III, and other discounts? Of course.

It's more than statement analysis...

It’s about world domination. Present beautiful sales proposals virtually. Leverage instant notifications, powerful metrics, and interactive documents.

This is the sales and marketing software that powers the payment processing industry

We're turning every banker, every agent, every employee into a merchant expert

Are you ahead of the curve and reading statements in hours, or does it take two weeks? With Staitment we analyze every single line instantly - that's a game changer.

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